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How much do dents really hurt the resale value of your car?

Cars are our lifeline to work, school, the store and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, sometimes in the middle of all that running around, accidents can happen. We’ve all come out of the grocery store, only to see someone has left a dent or two in our car. Perhaps you’ve even been without a garage when the weather decides to pour down hail! Any environment can breed dings and dents, no matter how careful you can be. Thankfully, paintless dent repair (PDR) has you and your car covered.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a cost-effective, environment-friendly, and speedy solution to dent repair for your vehicle. Big or small, as long as the paint isn’t chipped or cracked, paintless dent repair may be a viable option to help save you time and money on your car repair. This method can also come in quite handy if you decide to sell your car and want to make sure the resale value is as high as possible so you can get the absolute best price.

Paintless dent repair is a skilled trade that PDR technicians have extensive experience in.

How does Paintless Dent Repair work?

To start out, the technician will assess the dented area of the car and make sure the damage is a candidate for PDR. Once that is confirmed, the technician will use special tools to slowly apply pressure to both sides of the panel to work out the dent without overworking or overcorrecting. To ensure the panel looks good as new, they will use a special light and reflecting boards and make sure the result is smooth and complete.

What sort of damage can paintless dent repair fix?

PDR is often used to fix shallow dents and can be used for larger dents as long as there are no visible signs of paint damage. The process can help many kinds of issues, such as:

  • Dents and dings of varying degrees
  • Minor parking accidents
  • Hail damage
  • Car door bang-ups
  • Less severe collisions or fender benders
  • Bodyline damage
  • Any sort of debris damage from small objects like rocks or pebbles

It’s always important to consult with a PDR technician first and foremost to make sure paintless dent repair is right for your car.

If your vehicle has a few dings or dents and you are thinking about selling or you just want to retain your car’s value, then paintless dent repair is something to look into first. Even though dents may not hinder the operation of a vehicle most of the time, they can still reduce the value of a car significantly, and leave the body prone to corrosion damage if left unattended.

In addition, when you go onto Kelly Blue Book to get an estimate of what your car’s worth, the most intensive part of the resale quiz is when you have to describe the look of your car and if it has any damage to the body that is visible. Those dents and dings cause your resale value to take a ding as well.

What are the benefits of choosing paintless dent repair?

  • Increases resale value. Because there won’t be a need for repainting, sanding or filler, PDR will cost way less than bodywork. Repainting lowers your car’s value and it costs a ton. Cars with their original paint are normally worth more than ones with subsequent paint jobs. Also, dents can outright reduce the value of your car. PDR can help keep your car an asset for years to come.
  • Keeps costs low. PDR is an affordable and cost effective way to fix any dents and keeps you from having to pay for costly unnecessary repairs.
  • Fast service. Paintless dent repair takes just a few hours to complete on the average. You won’t have to drop your car off and use a loaner for a month while your mechanic waits on parts or paint. PDR takes just a few hours and gets you back on the road faster.
  • Fix your leased vehicle before you return it. Getting out those dents and damage is left up to you when you lease a car and repairing them can save you fines and fees when it comes time to turn in your leased vehicle.

The best part? A lot of car insurance companies cover PDR on their policies. If an accident happens and it is deemed the fault of the other party, their insurance should cover it as well. Check your policy to see if this is an option for you.

Safeguard Your Investment

Despite all your efforts to protect your investment, dents are sometimes simply out of your control. Don’t worry — at JM Dent Repair, we know how much it means to you to get your car looking new again, and that’s why we’re trusted in the Lafayette area for affordable paintless dent repair.

Paintless dent repair eliminates the worry of a color mismatch or uneven fading, and preserves your vehicle’s appearance and resale value. If you’re driving a leased vehicle, it also helps you avoid expensive “wear and tear charges” on your lease return. Contact us for a quote and see why we’re the best around.

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