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The Best Paintless
Dent Repair in Town

Keep your car’s original paint, and restore its appearance and resale value at the same time with paintless dent removal.

Save money on your deductible with affordable dent and ding repairs for minor exterior damage and avoid expensive “excessive wear and tear” charges on your lease return.

Get help from the experts, at a price you can afford.

Paintless dent repair by
the professionals.

We Specialize In:

With our paintless dent removal services, you’ll be able to keep the original paint of your car, restore its appearance and raise its resale value.

Our technicians are so good you probably won’t be able to spot where the dent was originally. And, because PDR doesn’t require painting, there’s no worry of the paint fading over time and no chance of a color mismatch.


Find out why our customers love us.

Danielle Waak
I have only had my new VW for 3 months and while in a parking lot, someone hit it and left massive dent in the driver door. Luckily Jim the owner at JM dent repair was there to help! He is truly one of a kind in his profession and genuinely enjoys what he does. his service was amazing and fast. He got me in right away. I definitely recommend JM dent repair. I could not be happier with the service!
Rich Snider
Fantastic service & price, JM Dent Repair evaluated the damage and gave me a couple options and prices on a dent I had. The dent is completely gone now and looks like it was never there.. Awesome job Thank You!
Tabitha Abel
Top quality work ! They go above and beyond . Still amazed at the job they did for me. Must see these guys for all of your dent repair work. Not sure any job is to big or small for them ! Honest and friendly as well!
Lisa Drayer
I had a dent right above my driver side back wheel well. They got me in right away. They did an awesome job. Their customer service is beyond friendly and helpful. Very sincere and very professional.
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Why Use JM Dent Repair?

If you have a dent that you think you can’t afford to fix, why not ask us for a quote? At JM Dent Repair we offer a service that:


Find out more about PDR and how we’ll repair your car.

PDR is the process of removing minor dents and damage without the need for repainting. Your skilled technician will access the area behind the dent and, with the use of PDR tools, will restore the panel to its pre-dent condition without affecting the paintwork.

The depth and location of the dent have the most significant impact on our ability to remove the dent. Shallow dents, even if they are large, can be successfully repaired, but in some cases, a very small, but deep dent cannot be removed. The location of the dent may mean that it cannot be repaired with PDR, especially if it is on the edge of a panel or in a heavily braced area.

The paintwork will not be damaged in any way as the work is carefully performed by one of our qualified, experienced technicians. In instances where the dent was caused by a collision, and there are scuff marks from another vehicle, these can usually be buffed away. If the paint was cracked or chipped when the dent occurred, it will need to be repainted or touched up to prevent rust.

About JM Dent Repair

JM Dent Repair LLC was started in 2011 by Jim Mitchell who got his start in paintless dent repair while working at Subaru Automotive of Indiana.

His job involved the repair of dents that occur as a part of the manufacturing process when newly manufactured cars come through the production line. During his time at Subaru, he honed his skills in the manufacturing environment, which gave him the foundation he needed to build and perfect his skill set.

By the end of his tenure at Subaru seven years later, he was the go-to technician for repairing the most challenging jobs.

At JM Dent Repair Jim has been able to further refine his skills as well as training up the next generation of technicians to offer the best paintless dent repairs in town.

If you have a dent or ding that you’d like fixed, we can help.

Our prices are often less than 80% of the price that you’ll be quoted at a body shop, and our work speaks for itself.

Whether you need to return your leased car and don’t want to get hit with excessive wear and tear costs, or want to save money on your deductible, or remove unsightly hail damage – we’re the team to call!