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JM Dent Repair LLC is a sole-proprietorship owned by Jim Mitchell. Jim started his education in paintless dent repair while working at Subaru Automotive of Indiana.

He repaired dents that occur as a part of the manufacturing process as newly manufactured cars came through the production line. He honed his skills in the manufacturing environment for seven years. This gave Jim the foundation he needed to build and perfect his skill set. By the end of his tenure at Subaru, he was very well known as the preferred employee to repair the large challenging damage that would occur during the manufacturing process.

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Dent Tools Freak
Real NO BULLSHIT reviews of PDR tools. I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of money on tools in my career, and I’m here to give you the dirt. Nationally respected dent technician with a little extra time on his hands.
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Dent tools thief?

PDR tools. Community property? Reviews?

Reaper ROD PDR TOOL - Pdr tool review

Best Pdr Tools on the Market? Or a flop? lets see what jim thinks of these. Dent reaper reaper Rods, no matter what your PDR style, these claim to have you covered.


This video is about the D stand from dentless. Tons of innovation in mobility and portability but will it hold up in our PDR tool review?

Dentless stand | unboxing | sneak peak | DTF Brawl | dent tool reviews

This video is about Dentless stand. We saw a video we wanted it we got it. Who gets to keep it is still anyone’s guess what will we think of it? Idk. What I do know is we are going to beat the hell out of it for 2 weeks and do a whole review for you!

PDR Finesse Arkansas Toothpick

This video is about the arkansas toothpick set from PDR finesse. Similar to the Ultra set, we are going to take a look at the finer points of these two tools. Ifyoure into reading take a look at what "Arkansas toothpick" means. Yea its a penis.....weird...... Made in the USA. Lets take a peek.

Xcalibur Tools | Hood Deck set | PDR Tools review

Xcalibur hood and deck set and a bonus with the 1/4” screwdriver set. Richard Hummert the creator keeps your body in mind while creating these bad boys. No bull ergonomic machines. Will the perform as nice as they’ll make your body feel? Watch and find out!

DEAD on Dent Tools - The Wood - DTF

This video is about the wood hail rod. yea you know it helps repair hail, but theres tons of stuff you didnt know.... watch here to learn more!

Stanliner PDR Tools Part 1 of many.

First In a series of Stanliner Tools videos At MTE i was asked a lot of questions about Stanliner tools, especially when people saw the rather large purchase i made at their booth. This is an exciting tool company that challenges what you think you know about dent repair.

2019 MTE short video

2019 MTE short video, just some of my favorite clips, hope you enjoy. I did.... now it’s time for sleep.

Five Blending Hammer Review - PDR Tool Review

Watch as we put 5 of the most popular blending hammers to the test! Five enter the shootout only one can be the best! The DTF team reached a unanimous decision watch to find out. Stay tuned to the end for a special message.

Prop and Lock | PDR tool review | Dent Tools Freak | B and D tools

The prop and lock from B and D tools is the first truly unique hood prop we’ve seen in a long time. When this product launched, drunk Jim couldn’t resist, so here we are with a tool review! Hood prop, gate prop, door jammer. This is thing is adjustable from 15 1/2” to 20”. We beat the hell out of it for a few weeks, and here’s our take. What do you think?!?

PDR Blending hammer | Bryce Rockhill | Carbon tech | biggest blend on YouTube

Today we tip our hats to Bryce Rockhill and his design for blending hammers. If you’re using any modern blending hammer, chances are it has components inspired by Bryce. In another video we will discuss how his hammers came to be, and the innovations he brought to the PDR world. For now, the DTF team honors Bryce Rockhill, by using his original hammer and the Carbon tech hammer bearing his name, to post the largest 100% blended dent that can be found on YouTube!

Dent Tool Review | ultra dent tools | dent repair tools

Ultra dent tools brings us this 8pc door tool set. We’ve had this one running around forever. Review by request, more ultra tools to come!

Outtakes..... this is hard 😂

I love making these videos, but this.... this is hard. * plenty of foul language.

PDR Tool | Review | Elimadent mobile light |

This offering from Elimadent is the 20” James Lee signature off-set light, every PDR tech needs a mobile light. But do they need this one? Find out what the DTF team had to say! Jim reviews what he likes and what he doesn’t!

Stanliner PDR Tool Review | Snake Set

Stanliner gets the Hype in the PDR world, either handcrafted by Kaz himself, or commissioned through A-1 tools, they are always pieces of art. Do they Function as well as they look? Or are these just showpieces? Our team of techs tested them and Jim is going to tell you! You can buy yours at Www. Stanlinertools.com Www.pdrtool.com Www.edgytools.com
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