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Factors That Affect Car Trade-In Value

Shopping for a new car is always an exciting time. If you are someone who is into all the latest bells and whistles each year brings when the new cars roll out from the assembly line, it’s enough to make you forget about the car you are using for a trade-in.   Up to this point, […]

Can Any Dent Be Removed?

blue and silver cars in a crash

Did you just notice a dent in your vehicle? Are you wondering how you can get this dent fixed?  Whatever the reason for your new unplanned adornment may be, you want it fixed and want it fixed properly. The quick, inexpensive, and least invasive way to do this is with Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Here […]

How much do dents really hurt the resale value of your car?

Salesman showing car features to a couple

Cars are our lifeline to work, school, the store and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, sometimes in the middle of all that running around, accidents can happen. We’ve all come out of the grocery store, only to see someone has left a dent or two in our car. Perhaps you’ve even been without a garage when […]