Do dent pullers really work?

Do dent pullers really work?

Getting a ding or a dent from someone who isn’t paying attention while they back up in a parking lot is a tale as old as the first Model T. So now what? Do you try an at home DIY dent puller kit or do you go to a professional? Well, in some cases, a […]

Can a Dent This Bad Really Be Repaired — or is it Time to Replace?

Can a Dent This Bad Really Be Repaired — or is it Time to Replace?

We’ve all been there. You’re going about your day — life as usual — and then it happens. You notice there’s a dent in your car that wasn’t there before. You’re not alone.  Countless vehicle owners find their cars with glaring (and some not-so-obvious) dents and dings throughout their car’s lifespan. But, you may be […]

What Can Heavy Rainstorms Do to Your Car’s Finish?

What Can Heavy Rainstorms Do to Your Car's Finish?

Rainwater isn’t nearly as clean as it looks. As rain settles on the surface of your car, dirt and debris will collect on your paint and eat away at its usual shine. This buildup can eventually lead to damage as dirt and dust erode at the body of your car. This erosion will primarily affect […]

Can a car dent pop out on its own?

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While you do your best to take care of your vehicle, dings, and dents can be an inevitable fact of life. Perhaps you were in a small accident with a careless driver, or maybe you misjudged the distance between your car and an obstacle such as a pole or wall. Dents are unsightly, but because […]

How much do dents really hurt the resale value of your car?

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Cars are our lifeline to work, school, the store and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, sometimes in the middle of all that running around, accidents can happen. We’ve all come out of the grocery store, only to see someone has left a dent or two in our car. Perhaps you’ve even been without a garage when […]

Does Paintless Dent Repair Really Work?

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Dents are the unfortunate reality of countless vehicle owners. Whether from hail or from runaway shopping carts, your car might be riddled with dings and minor (or not so minor) body damage. With the cost of traditional dent repair, plenty of car owners leave the dents for later, to be repaired another time when the […]

What You Need to Know About Lease Returns

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You’ve been dreading this moment: the lease on your vehicle is almost up, and now that little issue you said you’d get taken care of eventually is still waiting to be repaired… and you have to make some hard calls about what you want to do. Are you going to be keeping the vehicle? Or […]

The Best Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paint

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For a car, a paint job is more than just looks; it helps keep your vehicle stay scratch-free and the steel beneath safe. Just like everything else on your car or truck, it requires maintenance to work best.  But what does that mean for paint?  Some experts swear by car care products ranging from futuristic […]

How to Protect Your Car From Rust This Winter

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Car rust happens to the best of us. You can do many things to keep it at bay, but none of them are foolproof. Winter rust protection can range from almost-free to $1,000s depending on your vehicle, climate, and parking situation.  Many newer cars come with 100,000-mile rust assistance through the car warranty. The reason […]

What Is A Crease Dent and How Can I Get It Repaired?

When it comes to maintaining a car, nothing is more apparent than taking care of damage to the body. The body is the most visible part of your car, made up of all the metal and plastics that surrounds your engine, trunk and cabin. Body damage can occur on the roof, on the hood of […]