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Does Hail Damage Affect Car Value?

Does Hail Damage Affect Car Value?

While hail may be a little rarer in some parts of the US, it can happen at a moment’s notice and often without warning. The harm that hail can do to your vehicle can be substantial depending on the size of the hail and the amount of time your car spends in its path. It is always good to know what to do next in these situations so you aren’t left with more damage to your vehicle in the aftermath.

Today, we will cover the most asked questions about hail and its effects to better help you figure out your next step after hail has done damage to your car.    

What is hail?

Hail is a type of precipitation that is formed when drops of water freeze together in the cold upper regions of thunderstorm clouds. These chunks of ice are called hailstones. 

The hailstone forms by getting pushed in the updraft of a cloud over and over, ice continuing to form until it eventually falls to Earth when it becomes too heavy to remain in the cloud, or when the updraft stops or slows down. Average hailstones can get as large as 5 inches in diameter and are normally roughly spherical. 

Does insurance cover hail damage?

Your insurance should cover your hail damage if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage is not the same as full coverage, but your full coverage might include comprehensive as well. 

Comprehensive helps cover storm damage, animal damage and falling objects, which includes hail. Hail damage could include the dents and dings in your car’s body after the hail is done falling, cracked or shattered glass, and even interior water damage if the hail broke a window while falling. Make sure to double check what your policy covers, especially if you live in an area that experiences thunderstorms regularly.

Does hail damage lower a car’s value?

This question basically depends on how bad the hail damage is and if you’ve fixed it before you sell. If you sell your vehicle with unrepaired hail damage, then you can expect your car’s resale value to be substantially lower than if it is repaired. 

Hail damage does not typically affect your vehicle’s resale value if properly repaired. Minor damage can be fixed with no visible aftermath from a good paintless dent removal shop if there has been no damage to the paint. Not all dent repair is created equal though so make sure you go to a reputable and well-known shop for the best results. 

Can hail actually total my car?

Yes, your car can be totaled by hail. If the damage from the hail exceeds 60-70% of its total value (varies between states and insurance companies) then your car is seen as a total loss. Your insurance company will inform you whether or not it’s worth fixing the damage or not.

Should I buy a hail damaged car?

The truth is, you can get a nice discount on a car if it just has some minor damage from hail. Then you can just take a sliver of the money you saved and go to a trustworthy paintless dent repair shop and come out with a near-new looking car afterwards. Always make sure the repairs won’t be as much as the savings, though. Major hail damage can be quite expensive to get out if there is damage to the paint (as you will have to go to a traditional body shop for this), especially if you don’t have an insurance company policy helping you pay for it.

Is it worth it to fix hail damage?

In most cases, absolutely. A lot of the time, hail damage is just cosmetic and has done nothing to damage the car internally. With paintless dent repair, you can get your dents out in a matter of hours and your car will be looking as good as new. 

Can I fix the hail damage myself?

It is not recommended to fix your own dents if you want to retain the value of your car after hail damage, as many things can go wrong when doing a DIY fix. It is always recommended to go to a professional for the best results.

Hail Repair That Won’t Dent Your Wallet

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Paintless dent repair eliminates the worry of a color mismatch or uneven fading, and preserves your vehicle’s appearance and resale value. If you’re driving a leased vehicle, it also helps you avoid expensive “wear and tear charges” on your lease return. Contact us for a quote and see why we’re the best PDR around.

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