Can Car Dents Get Worse Over Time?

car dent repair

You’ve had a tiny little dent or ding in your car for a while now. It’s unsightly but not very noticeable. Should you bother taking it in to have the dent removed? After all, it’s not hurting anything, is it? It can be tempting to ignore those minor dents on your car, especially if they’re […]

Best practices to keep your car free of dents and scratches

washing a silver car

Are you always worried about the many ways your vehicle could get dented? If you’re like most drivers, buying a car was a substantial financial investment, and you want to maintain as much of it as you can while still getting to use it. But every door ding and fender dent eats away at your […]

Protecting Your Car from Pollen Damage

Pollen on car window

Spring has sprung and so has the massive amount of pollen that comes with blooming flowers, growing plants and trees. Most people know that pollen causes allergies to flare up, but pollen can actually also cause a lot of damage to the interior and exterior of your car.  Pollen has high acidity that can erode […]