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Best Ways to Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

No one wants to think about hail damage to their car, but if you live in an area that’s prone to hailstorms, you should have a plan to protect your vehicle from hail damage. It only takes seconds of being caught in a storm for hail to damage your vehicle, so it’s best to be prepared.


Hail damage isn’t just ugly. It can lead to more significant problems later on, depending on how big the dents are or if windows are broken and your car’s interior is exposed to the elements for a period of time.


Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your car from hail damage. Here are some things you can do to save yourself time and money spent on dent removal costs due to hail damage.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Prevention is the best way to avoid hail damage, and the easiest way to do that is to anticipate when you might run into hail. Check your weather forecast and try to avoid driving in stormy weather where hail might be a problem.


How can you tell if hail will happen? You don’t have to be a meteorologist to predict a potential hailstorm. Look out for thunderstorms that have strong upward-moving air currents. These currents pull water droplets high into the air, where they freeze, fall, collect more moisture, and rise again. This process repeats until the ice is too heavy to be held by the currents, so it falls to the ground.

Protect Your Car At Home

If you don’t have a garage, there are still some things you can do to protect your car from hail damage while it’s parked at your home.

Build a Carport

If you don’t have a garage, but you do have space to build a carport, this is your best alternative for keeping your car safe from hail damage. Any sort of covered parking will offer some protection against hail damage, though it’s still not complete protection since hail can blow in at angles.

Rent Covered Parking

If you live in an apartment complex or other area where parking is limited, you may be able to find covered parking to rent near where you live. Covered parking isn’t an option for some people, but it’s better than leaving your car exposed if it is available to you.

Use a Car Cover

If you don’t have covered parking for your car, keep a car blanket handy. These heavy, quilted pads cover your car and protect it from the worst dents and dings. 


You can also invest in a car cover that forms an inflatable shield around your car. These ‘hail bubbles’ can sometimes be activated remotely, so you don’t have to go out into the bad weather to protect your vehicle.


Even a standard, fitted car cover can provide a little protection from hail. Look for ones that are made from sturdy, thick material or that are padded for extra protection.

Protecting Your Car From Hail While Driving

If you happen to be driving when hail strikes, there are still some things you can do to minimize your risk of hail damage. Of course, your safety should always be a priority, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to keep the hail off your vehicle.

Pull Over Under Cover

The best solution for preventing hail damage while driving is to find a covered spot and pull over until the storm passes. Depending on where you are, this may not be possible, so you need to be prepared to take other measures to protect your car.

Keep a Car Blanket or Cover Handy

If you can’t find cover during a hailstorm, you can at least cover your vehicle with a car blanket or cover. You shouldn’t try to drive with either of these in your car, but if you can find somewhere to wait out the storm, you can at least protect your car from the hail.

Use Floor Mats in a Pinch

Your car’s carpeted floor mats can protect at least part of your car from hail damage. They may even save your windshield from getting smashed by heavy hail. They’re not ideal because they don’t cover much and can blow away in gusts of wind, but they’re better than nothing.

Keep Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Hail damage can be expensive to repair. Dent removal costs, replacing broken windows, and potentially repairing damage to the interior from rain getting into the car can all add up, but comprehensive insurance coverage can help. 

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