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Why You Should Repair Your Car Dent Sooner Than Later

Nobody wants to have to think about car damage, even minor dings and dents. Even with perfect driving and upkeep, the risk is ever present. Maybe it’s already happened, a mysterious bump while your car was parked, or an emergency drive through a hailstorm. Whether it is hail damage, any force of nature or man or a simple accident, regular vehicle use eventually leads to a dent. And dents need to be repaired.

Dent repair is better off considered a regular part of maintenance for your automobile, and it is something that should not be neglected. Considering the ease and affordability of modern paintless dent repair techniques employed by companies such as JM Dent Repair, you may actually incur more financial burden in the long run by abstaining. Here are a few things to consider, if you have a car dent that you have not had repaired.

Car Dents Can Cause Paint Damage

While this isn’t a 100% chance, your car dent may have also involved scratching to the exterior paint of your vehicle. Paint damage may seem like a superficial issue. It appears as a simple, though sometimes shameful, blemish on your vehicle. And, while you might tell yourself that you can get over it, your car might see future problems if the scratch is allowed to stay. 

Scratches in the paint can be made worse by weather exposure and regular use of your car, even washing the car has potential for damaging your car further! The paint surrounding the scratch will eventually chip and flake away, exposing the sealant underneath. If this is allowed to continue, the sealant under the paint can even wear away. 

The process of sealant wear may have already begun, if the initial scratch was deep enough to cut through both the pain and sealant. This opens up a whole range of potential damage risks to your car, in the form of rust.

Car Dents Can Cause Rust

Paint damage is a serious matter to consider in the long run, when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. The damage sustained from a dent can cause cracks in what should be considered more than the classy color coating of your car. 

The paint, and the sealant underneath, is a buffer that protects the metal paneling of your car exterior from the wear and tear of the natural world. Even the smallest crack will allow moisture to reach ever closer to the otherwise untreated metal underneath. And, when metal and moisture meet, you get rust. 

The moisture causes a process called oxidization, creating rust spots on your car. These rust spots are unsightly, but they are also the beginnings of a serious condition in which the durability of the metal is now compromised. Rust will eventually wear holes in the metal, with enough time. You should consider any visible rust as a danger to your car, and should research how best to remove it before it causes any further damage. However, the best defense from rust on your paint job is to be proactive in dent removal. It will save you more money, in the long run.

Car Dents Cost More Money Over Time

Companies like JM Dent Repair have perfected the art of paintless dent removal, which allows your technician to repair car dents without compromising the protective layer of paint on the outside of your car. But, the longer you wait, the more damages you may incur as a result of paint damage and rust. 

When these damages become more severe, they will need to be addressed by a body shop. Body shops need to assess the damage and the work required to restore your car, and may even need to replace parts that are too far gone. This is going to raise the bottom line cost of restoring your vehicle. The longer you wait, the more it is going to cost, and that cost is going to affect the value of your vehicle in the future.

Car Dents Affect the Value of Your Car

No matter how well your car may function, a dent is an immediately visible sign of neglect. If, or when, you decide to put your vehicle back on the market, even the uninformed customer will be able to detect dents to the exterior of the car. 

Dents are symbolic of poor upkeep, and a warning sign that more damage may have occurred underneath the paint of the car. Those same costs that you may have tried to avoid when keeping your car are now dragging down the amount you might have expected to get back from it, because the next driver knows they will eventually have to pay for it, themselves.

Car Dents Need to be Repaired Sooner Than Later

The chain of events that come with a car dent can seem awfully negative. Fortunately, modern dent repair techniques such as paintless dent removal with JM Dent Repair make the handling of dents much faster and less expensive. 

Does your car have dings or dents that you are looking to take care of? At JM Dent Repair we offer affordable services with quick results. Our technicians are so good you probably won’t be able to spot where the dent was originally.

Contact us today to learn more about how our paintless dent removal services will help you keep your paint pristine and restore your ride to like-new condition.

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