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What Is A Crease Dent and How Can I Get It Repaired?

When it comes to maintaining a car, nothing is more apparent than taking care of damage to the body. The body is the most visible part of your car, made up of all the metal and plastics that surrounds your engine, trunk and cabin. Body damage can occur on the roof, on the hood of the engine, on the doors or side panels will immediately marr the image of your vehicle and potentially cause further damage down the line. While it is important to keep the functional parts of a car in good condition, the visual aspect of your car can drastically change its valuation to those around you.

The idea of body damage to a car will often bring up the idea of having to take it to a body shop, a mechanic that will go through a very long and expensive process of retooling the metal of the body, which could involve removing and reapplying paint and adding bonding agents or fillers. But, more specialized companies such as JM Dent Repair have emerged over the past few decades, to provide more convenient and cost effective means to repair less drastic body damage, including body dents, door dings, hail damage, and more.

Dents come in many forms, as many as there are causes for damage, and some can seem so severe that you might not know whether it is time for a body shop or if it can be handled with paintless dent removal. One of the most common causes for this confusion and alarm is what we refer to as a “crease dent.”

The Crease Dent

Whether it comes from contact with another vehicle, unexpected brush with a branch or barrier, or even severe hail damage, a crease dent can seem like a burdensome scar on your vehicle. 

The crease dent commonly occurs as a result of larger indentation. The body of your car has been manufactured with a sort of rigidity that helps to keep it in shape, and to protect yourself and the interior parts of the car. When this outer shell has been pushed in to the point of folding, that rigidity can cave in on itself and apply pressure to the fold while it tries to keep its shape. What you get is a very stubborn dent, which may be difficult for an untrained technician to hammer out without potentially stretching and compromising the metal. Crease dents can even emerge after you have already been to a body shop, when the repairs done may have unwittingly caused deformities around the repaired area.

Crease dents can range from subtle to drastic appearances. It may appear as a long deformity in the curvature above a wheel well, or as a hideous angular depression in the side of the car door. Fortunately, no matter how severe, the crease dent can now be repaired using the specialized tools and techniques of paintless dent repair, or PDR.

What Is PDR?

Paintless dent repair is one of the fastest and most efficient concepts developed for getting a dent out of a car. In the past, dents have been filled and bonded by traditional dent repair in body shops costing an arm and a leg and reducing the value of your vehicle. Paintless dent removal is a much more recent specialized procedure that uses a collection of tools and techniques that access the damage from the rear of the metal panels of your car or truck’s body, so no further damage is done to the exterior of the car. This allows greater force to be applied to stubborn dents, without damaging the paint and increasing the time and investment in the repair.

PDR specialists, like those at JM Dent Repair, are trained in a multitude of techniques that involve tools specialized in working out dents. By applying varying degrees of pressure, in combination with heat, a JM Dent Repair specialist can almost “massage” a dent back into shape without compromising the structural integrity of the car, or your wallet! 

In the auto industry, technicians have to maintain an incredible amount of discipline and attention to detail to complete regular maintenance or make even the smallest repairs on a vehicle. 

With specialized tools and years of training, the technicians at JM Dent Repair in Lafayette constantly refine their skills to provide the best service possible in repairing your fender dents and more. For the best paintless dent repair around, contact JM Dent Repair today!

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