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Should I Repair the Dents on my Car Before Selling It?

Should I Repair the Dents on my Car Before Selling It?

You’ve got a car that you’re looking to sell. It’s in pretty good shape, except for a few dings and dents. Of course, you want to get the most money that you can for it, but you’re worried that those minor imperfections could drive down the sales price of your car.

It’s a tough call. Should you repair the dents on your car before you sell it, or should you take your chances with selling it ‘as is’? Fixing the dents can help you net a higher asking price, but it’s not the only way to increase the value of your used car.

Here’s a breakdown of why you should repair the dents on your car before selling it and a few other helpful tips to increase your car’s sales value.

When Dent Repair Makes Sense

Everyone knows that dents are unsightly and give a wrong first impression, so if you’re trying to sell your car, getting rid of those dings and blemishes may be a great idea. Not only will removing the dents give a better first impression to potential buyers, but it could get you more money for your car.

Cars with fewer perceived imperfections, including dents, can often get a higher asking price. If your car’s dents are very noticeable or in prominent locations, you’re probably better off having them removed before you try to sell the car.

There is one situation where opting for dent removal may not make as much financial sense, and that’s if you’re trading in your vehicle at a dealership. Most dealerships have the equipment to make minor repairs themselves very cheaply, and they aren’t likely to offer you much more money for a dent-free car.

Are There Any Negatives to Dent Repairs?

While dent removal is always a good idea for the sake of the car, it can have a negative impact on your wallet, particularly if the dents are deep or there is also damage to the car’s paint. If the cost of dent removal is high, it will reduce your profit when you sell the vehicle.

If you attempt to repair the dents yourself, you could save yourself money, but you do risk damaging the car’s paint and adding to your expenses in the long run. However, if you opt for a gentle method of dent removal, such as Paintless Dent Repair, you can save your car’s paint while increasing the car’s value.

Ultimately, you have to weigh the cost of the dent repairs against the higher asking price you can get for your car. If the dent repairs are too extensive, it may not be worth having them removed by a professional. However, if the dents are minor or few, it could be well worth spending a little money to increase your car’s resale value.

Other Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Used Car

Everyone wants to get the most money for their car that they can. While repairing and removing dents is important, it’s not the only way to increase the resale value of your used car. 

Check the Paint for Rust and Scratches

Dents aren’t the only thing that puts buyers off. If you have scratches, rust patches, or other visible damage or wear on the car, it will drive down the value of your car. It’s not purely cosmetic, either. Rust and scratches in the paint can leave the car’s body exposed to the elements, making it age and wear out faster.

Make Repairs as Necessary

Whether it’s a cracked windshield or a chipped tail-light cover, obvious damage to the car drives down its resale value. Buyers want a car that’s ready to drive without having to deal with the hassle of fixing these minor issues themselves, so take care of them before you put the car up for sale.

Change dull light bulbs, make sure the tires are good, and check the car’s exterior for minor damage that could be off-putting to buyers. These small details can significantly impact the car’s resale value, so take the time to address any issues you find if you want to get a fair asking price.

Detail the Car

Spending the time to detail your car inside and out does two things. First, it gives your car that sparkle and shine that attracts buyers. Second, it sends the impression that the car has been looked after with care. 

A freshly washed, sparkling car is simply more attractive to buyers, especially if there are no dents or other apparent damage. Taking the time to detail your car can help you create the perfect first impression, which could help you sell your car faster.

Safeguard Your Investment

Despite all your efforts to protect your investment, dents are sometimes simply out of your control. Don’t worry — at JM Dent Repair, we know how much it means to you to get your car looking new again, and that’s why we’re trusted in the Lafayette area for affordable paintless dent repair.

Paintless dent repair eliminates the worry of a color mismatch or uneven fading, and preserves your vehicle’s appearance and resale value. If you’re driving a leased vehicle, it also helps you avoid expensive “wear and tear charges” on your lease return. Contact us for a quote and see why we’re the best around.

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