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Hailstones on the road after hailstorm

Hail Damage? Try Paintless Dent Repair and Removal

Do you live where hail is an all-too real worry during a big thunderstorm? If so, you probably know the look of a hail-marked car. It can look like kids played softball on your roof, someone took a hammer to it, or your hood was bombed by a hundred marbles falling at high speed. You might also find bigger dents from a falling branch and flying objects that were impeded by your vehicle. It’s not a good look, and it’s caused many an angry car owner. Before you blow your stack, hold up — there’s a quick and affordable solution to your hail damage problem: Paintless dent repair and removal.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

You may not have heard of paintless dent repair (PDR). If you have, you’re going to read about it again, now. The process used is metal manipulation. Don’t worry, it’s a good kind of manipulation. The metal is “manipulated” from the inside out. A paintless dent repair technician reshapes and restores the metal from the inside out with specialized tools designed to fit under and between panels. These tools are used to put pressure on the underside of the dent and work it out slowly and carefully until the damage is removed. The paint stays intact and the newly repaired panel looks good as new. 

The dent removal method works best on smaller dents and dings, but if you have a large dent with the paint still in place, a skilled PDR technician with the right tools will be able to assist you. PDR is a less expensive and a faster process than traditional methods involving heat repair, filling with body filler, sanding and glazing, or removing and replacing panels. 

paintless dent removal

Paintless Dent Repair doesn’t use any chemicals and fillers that could be hazardous, either, just substance-free pressure and finesse with a specialized tool in a skilled technician’s hand. The added bonus is that PDR can preserve the value of your vehicle for when you want to sell it or trade it into a dealer – another great benefit.

That’s not to say PDR is a simple process. Technicians receive specialized training and have extensive experience in how to fix multiple types of dents on various panels of vehicles. They learn to fix dents of varying sizes, depths, and orientations, adjusting strategies based on the position of the dent on the vehicle as well.

Does PDR Always Work?

Yes, of course! That’s why I’m writing about it. No, not really. You got me. When you have an aluminum or steel vehicle with a dent and the paint surface isn’t damaged, PDR works well. Not so true with scratched or cracked paint that accompanies the dent. Some other limiters include torn metal and sharp edges and cars made of gelatin. What a mess. For these problems, your shop will use another method of dent repair.

Can’t I Just Hammer It Out Myself?

One thing’s for sure: Paintless dent removal isn’t a good DIY project. You may watch an online video and think, hey, I can do that! Go ahead and try it. Then go see a trained professional when you’ve damaged the vehicle further and have an even bigger repair job for them. We’d be happy to charge you extra, too, if you insist.

Take your hailstorm-damaged car, truck, or SUV to a professional, high quality auto body or dent repair shop. Look online for positive customer reviews. Ask friends for referrals. When you’re in the shop, check for the proper certifications, including those from ASE and I CAR. You can ask about specialized PDR training also.

Once you’ve turned over your vehicle, trained technicians will check it over and determine if the PDR method offers the best method to repair the damage. A repair estimate will be provided. If PDR is not the right process, the technician will tell you how to get a dent out of a car the right way to get your car back to looking like it did before the storm.

The Best Paintless Dent Repair in Layette, IN

Try JM Dent Repair in Lafayette for Paintless Dent Repair and all your paintless dent, ding, crease and hail damage repair needs. Our highly trained technicians will quote you an affordable price and fix your dents like no other shop could. Call (765) 237-7290, send us a message HERE or stop by JM Dent Repair today and let’s get your ride looking brand new again.

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