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DIY Dent Repair: Why You Should Never Try to Repair That Dent Yourself

7 Hidden Dangers of DIY Paintless Dent Removal

You love your car, and you’ve worked diligently to protect it from dings, dents, and damage. But despite your best efforts, bad luck struck.

Maybe it was hail, the door of another car, a stray baseball, or a runaway shopping cart — whatever the case, now you’ve got a dent to contend with.

When minor damage happens, it can be tempting to buy a do-it-yourself repair kit and just “pop it out,” but there are some serious problems with that route. The hucksters selling “as seen on TV” paintless dent repair kits don’t want you to know it, but true paintless dent repair is skilled work that requires extensive training and precision instruments. Unless you have the proper training and the best quality tools, you’re more likely to make the damage worse than to actually repair it.

The good news is paintless dent repair is affordable and fast, and it preserves your car’s resale value. But it’s not a good choice for DIY work! There are several excellent reasons to leave paintless dent repair to the professionals.

1.    Paintless dent removal requires training.

A DIY dent repair kit may come with instructions, but that’s not the same as the extensive training professionals have undergone to ensure they restore your vehicle to its original glory. Knowing how to get a dent out of a car is a skill that takes practice, and your beautiful car shouldn’t be how you get your practice.

In the hands of someone without adequate training, a DIY kit can result in a “repair” gone too far and a dent bowing out the other way. This is more difficult and costly for a professional to repair than the original damage before the do-it-yourselfer “fixed” it.


2.    Professionals catch important structural damage you could be missing.

It may seem like just a dent to you, but there could be damage to the frame that a professional would find. If you don’t address the structural damage, your car could fail to protect you if you get into an accident. By not getting a professional dent repair, you’re compromising your safety — the worst DIY mistake of all.


3.    DIY work could have you missing, or causing, damage to the paint.

If your dent didn’t cause any paint damage, congratulations! You’re the perfect candidate for affordable paintless dent repair. But if you try to do it yourself, you could actually cause paint damage with store-bought suction tools, leaving you exposed to rust damage or a far more expensive repair than your original dent would have been.


4.    Hiring a professional protects your car’s resale value.

Paintless dent repair done correctly by a professional is a great way to preserve your car’s value, as there’s no risk of mismatched paint or uneven fading over time. But when you do it yourself, you’re likely to wind up with waves in the body. Trying to sell your car later on with telltale marks of bad dent repair will cost you far more than you would have paid having a professional remove your dent.


5.    Hiring a professional protects the manufacturer’s warranty.

Like almost any DIY project, the manufacturer’s warranty is VOID if you attempt the work on your own. I think we can all agree that no dent is worth that.


6.    Hiring a professional saves you time.

With your busy schedule, training to do paintless dent repair probably wasn’t on your agenda. Don’t be fooled into thinking it can be DIY done correctly on the first try.

The good news is paintless dent repair is fast and affordable and can have you back on the road quickly without a hint of damage remaining.


7.    Professional paintless dent repair is insurance friendly.

Insurance companies usually prefer paintless dent repair, since it’s the best way to restore your car to its original look when there has been no paint damage. Trying to repair it yourself will result in your insurance company refusing to pay the claim.

Hopefully, you understand the risks associated with attempting DIY work on your vehicle’s dent — risks that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time, or worse, compromise the safety of your vehicle. You’ve always worked to care for it, so don’t let a dent that may seem minor tempt you into throwing that effort away and jeopardizing your investment.

At JM Dent Repair, we specialize in paintless dent repair, and have the expertise to remove your car’s damage without the smallest sign it was ever there. Perhaps you have hail damage, or maybe you’re looking to repair minor dings to avoid “wear and tear” charges on your lease return. Contact us for a quote and find out just how affordable paintless dent repair is. Leave dent repair in the hands of a PDR professional, and get the peace of mind knowing your ride will come back to you good as new.

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